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Rubbed Sage

Rubbed Sage has a peppery, sweet, savory flavor that absorbs into recipes faster than its leafy counterpart.

  • Slightly bitter, lemony herb flavor of sage

  • Grayish-tan and green

  • Fine-textured powder

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    Suggested uses

  • Use to flavor sausage, veal and poultry

  • Add to casseroles and stuffing

  • Incorporate into roasted potatoes and broiled vegetables

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.



    Sage (Salva officinalis) is a perennial evergreen with woody stems, grayish leaves and blue to purplish flowers. It is native to the northern Mediterranean region, particularly the coastal Dalmatia region of Croatia, but has been adapted to suit different land conditions across the globe.

    A natural match for meat and stuffing, this powerful herb is popularly used in sausage making and in traditional holiday roasts. It also lends its familiar flavor to gravy and soups, and its astringent properties make it an excellent pairing for fatty, rich foods, such as pork, goose and duck. Sage's powerful flavor can be overpowering, so it is best added early in the cooking process, so that its potency can mellow somewhat through cooking.

    In addition to its culinary applications, Sage has been cultivated for thousands of years for medicinal use, often being brewed into a tea to soothe sore throat and cough and relieve congestion. It was also thought to help bring down fever and relieve joint pain and headaches. It is thought to be beneficial to concentration and mental clarity.

    Burning Sage has been used since ancient times as a means to bless people and places, to ward off evil and to cleanse spaces of negative energy. Many Native American tribes of the American Southwest include "smudging" rituals in their religious ceremonies. In ancient European and Middle Eastern civilizations, sage was associated with longevity, and even with immortality. Fitting that the plant's genus name derives from the Latin word for "salvation."

    Classic recipe

    Quinoa and Ancient Grain Sage Sausage Stuffing

    In this recipe, our Quinoa and Ancient Grain Blend puts a modern twist on traditional holiday stuffing. Although flavored with familiar seasonings such as Rubbed Sage and Whole Leaf Savory, this stuffing forgoes the bread in favor of gluten-free ancient grains including Quinoa, Millet, Kaniwa, Amaranth and Teff.