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Garlic & Pepper Steak Seasoning

Garlic & Pepper Steak Seasoning is an all-purpose blend to add mouthwatering flavors to elegantly simple grilled and roasted meats. This combination of garlic, red pepper flake, salt and other premium spices is delicious on roast or grilled meat and potato dishes.

  • Orange-tinted whole spices and flaked salt

  • Varying coarsely ground spices

  • Pungent aroma and savory, salty flavor

  • Naturally gluten free

  • All natural

  • D'allesandro
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    Suggested uses

  • Delicious on steaks, burgers, and wild game

  • Use in potato dishes or pasta

  • Add to grilled or fried vegetables, fries, and chips

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Salt, spices (including black peppercorn, dill, ginger), garlic, red pepper, contains 2% or less of oleoresin paprika, natural flavors and canola oil.

    We combined a high-quality selection of familiar savory and hot spices to create Garlic & Pepper Steak Seasoning that's just as useful in the steakhouse as on the backyard grill. Our Garlic & Pepper Steak Seasoning is fantastic on steaks, burgers, wild game and any other grilled food.

    Black pepper is an iconic seasoning for red meat, as its sharp and acrid taste complements the rich protein. The pungent and distinct flavor of garlic elevates the savory elements of meat as well. Together, with a selected blend of other spices, our Garlic & Pepper Steak Seasoning will turn a simple piece of meat into an irresistible powerhouse of flavor.

    Classic recipe

    Herbed Garlic-Pepper Rubbed New York Strip Steaks

    Our savory, slightly spicy Garlic & Pepper Steak Seasoning is the secret to creating the perfect steak. We blend cracked black pepper, garlic, coriander and other bold spices along with coarse sea salt allowing Garlic & Pepper Steak Seasoning to do it all.