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Whole Serrano Chiles

The Serrano Chile is a popular Mexican pepper with pungent heat and a sweet, earthy flavor that quickly adds spice and color to many recipes.

  • Red to dark brown

  • 3/4 to 1-1/2 inches in length

  • Range from 8,000 to 22,000 on Scoville Heat Scale

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    Suggested uses

  • Add to sauces, stews or chilis for authentic flavor

  • Reconstitute and dice chile into pieces and add to dish

  • Basic prep

    For maximum flavor dry toast chiles in a hot skillet until fragrant or in a 350° oven until puffy and fragrant. Rinse and soak in hot water for 10 minutes or add directly to recipe that will cook at least 10 minutes.

    Storage & handling

    Store in cool, dry place.


    Dried Serrano Chiles.

    The Serrano Chile hails from the foothills of Puebla Mexico, even taking its name from the Spanish word "serranias," meaning "foothills." While they are often compared to the jalapeño, Serrano Chiles are smaller and much hotter than their common counterpart. Like jalapeños, these chiles are one of the most commonly used ingredients in Mexican cuisine and are widely cultivated in this region for use and export.

    Part of the Capsicum annuum family, these peppers have been part of the human diet in the Americas since at least 7,500 B.C. While they are now staples in many cuisines, they were not introduced to Europe and Asia until the late 1400s when they were brought to Spain and quickly traded for their variety and as a cheaper alternative to pricey peppercorns.

    Classic recipe

    Caldo Rojo

    This richly flavorful “caldo,” or soup, gets its color, flavor and heat from Serrano Chiles, along with a medley of aromatic spices. Dry-toasting Serrano Chiles is an important step, as it develops their slightly fruity flavor.