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Red Cornmeal

Visually appealing and flavorful, Red Cornmeal is made from dried red corn kernels that have been ground into a powder.

  • Grown in northern Mexico and southwestern United States

  • Corn flavor

  • Light reddish pink

  • Fine texture powder

  • Naturally gluten free

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    Suggested uses

  • Use in place of yellow cornmeal for cornbread

  • Simmer with water, and flavor with cream or butter for a colorful spin on polenta

  • Blend with other cornmeal or flour when baking for an authentic flavor

  • Basic prep

    Sift cornmeal to remove clumps before adding to recipes.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Dried corn.

    Red Cornmeal has a distinctive corn flavor and a hearty, fine texture. Red Cornmeal is made from dried red corn kernels that have been ground into a powder. Red corn is still cultivated by Native Americans of the southwest and has significant spiritual importance. It represents the movement of the sun to the West, the place that is believed to give long life and the direction our spirits are believed to travel when we pass into the afterlife.

    Cornmeal is used in many applications, including cornbread, polenta, crusting fish and chicken, making dumplings, breading vegetables to be fried and baking breads and cookies.

    Cornmeal typically comes in yellow or white form, but this red cornmeal is an eye-catching variant and has 20 percent more protein than white or yellow corn.

    Corn is the most domesticated of all field crops and was the most important cultivated plant in early America. Known globally as maize, corn is the only grain whose origin can be traced to the Americas. Scientists believe that the people of central Mexico developed corn from the indigenous wild grass teosinte at least 7,000 years ago. Corn spread north into the present-day southwestern United States and south as far as Peru.

    When Christopher Columbus landed in modern-day Cuba, some of his crew went inland and came across maize being cultivated by Native Americans. It's unclear whether corn was brought back to Europe after Columbus's first or second voyage, but by the early 16th century it was being cultivated on the continent.

    Classic recipe

    Orange-Flavored Red Corn Muffins

    Red Cornmeal makes it an eye-catching substitute for regular cornmeal in these citrus-infused muffins. Orange juice and zest add refreshing flavor and a pleasant orange hue. Red Cornmeal can substitute for fine yellow cornmeal and add a lighter color to recipes.