A relative of traditional quinoa, red quinoa has the same nutty flavor and nutrient profile. The crunchier texture of red quinoa combined with sweet, fresh figs and bright, tangy citrus make this recipe a standout.

Prep time: 13 min

Cook time: 12 min

Total time: 25 min

Red Quinoa with Figs, Pistachios and Citrus Vinaigrette
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makes 1 3/4 cups


  1. Whisk citrus juices and honey together in a medium bowl, then slowly add oil. Stir in thinly sliced onions and set aside.

  2. Place quinoa and 3 cups of water in a sauce pot over medium heat. Bring water to a boil and simmer quinoa for 12 minutes. Strain and rinse with cold water. Set quinoa aside to drain and dry.

  3. Toss figs, pistachios, mint and basil with onions. Season with salt and ground black pepper. Add quinoa and toss gently but thoroughly. Serve as a side salad or toss with fresh arugula or romaine for an entree salad.