Habas con jamon is a common dish in Granada, Spain. Our dried Habas recreate this simple dish seamlessly. Serve with a fried egg and some toasted bread.

Prep time: 0 min

Cook time: 20 min

Total time: 20 min

Habas con Jamon
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Makes 4 to 8 servings


  1. Soak habas overnight in water that covers by 3 inches. When ready strain and add to 4 cups boiling, salted water. Cook for 20-25 minutes and strain. Spread on a sheet pan to cool.

  2. Heat butter in large saucepan over medium heat. Add onions, salt and pepper and cook until translucent, about 4 minutes. Add ham and garlic and cook, stirring, for an additional 3 minutes.

  3. Add white wine and continue cooking until liquid is reduced by half.

  4. Add cooked habas and chicken broth, then cook until liquid is thickened and habas is tender, about 10 minutes.

  5. Serve tapas-style, garnished with chopped cilantro and slices of crusty bread.