Butternut Squash Flakes are incredibly versatile. This easy, pantry-based soup can be put together in minutes from items you probably have on hand. Our recipe combines broth, dairy and other spices to build a delicious soup around our sweet Butternut Squash Flakes.

Prep time: 5 min

Cook time: 15 min

Total time: 20 min

Butternut Squash Soup
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Makes 6 servings


  1. Heat oil in pot over medium-high heat. Add shallots and garlic and sweat. Stir in thyme and cook 2 minutes.

  2. Add cayenne, maple syrup, chicken stock and milk, then bring to a simmer.

  3. Slowly add Butternut Squash Flakes while whisking constantly. Continue whisking until smooth. Return to a simmer, then season with cayenne, sea salt, and pepper to taste. Garnish with pumpkin seeds and additional cayenne pepper.