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Wasabi Black Bean Snack

Our Wasabi Black Beans are a spicy, salty snack made from crunchy roasted black beans partially covered in a sharp, pungent wasabi coating.

  • Matte black roasted black beans, partially covered in white wasabi coating

  • Approximately 3/8 inch long

  • Sharp, spicy, pungent aroma of wasabi

  • Salty with the fiery horseradish flavor of wasabi

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    Suggested uses

  • Toss with roasted nuts and sesame sticks for an Asian-inspired snack mix

  • Add to salads for crunch and flavor

  • Basic prep

    Ready to eat. No preparation necessary.


    Black soy bean, corn starch, modified corn starch, sugar, salt, soybean oil, wasabi powder(corn starch, maltodextrin, wasabi oil). (contains soybean)

    Black beans are also known as “turtle beans” because of their shell-like appearance. About the size of peas, with a deeply earthy, almost mushroom-like flavor, black beans are a staple that goes back 7,000 years in Central and South American diets.

    A key ingredient in many traditional Japanese dishes, wasabi (also called Japanese horseradish) pairs well with many different ingredients. Its spicy, mustard-like flavor and pungent, stimulating aroma add interest to many otherwise bland foods.

    Our Wasabi Black Beans combine the satisfying crunch of roasted black beans with the potent zing of wasabi to create a tasty snack.

    Classic recipe

    Crunchy Salmon with Wasabi Black Bean Topping

    Our zesty Wasabi Black Bean Snacks provide a pleasing crunch in this oven-roasted salmon dish, accompanied by lime-laced cabbage and sugar snap peas. Best of all, it cooks on one baking sheet, so cleanup is quick and easy.