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Vanilla Sugar

Our Vanilla Sugar is a delicious infusion of natural vanilla bean flavor into powdered sugar that is ideal for many sweet cooking and baking applications.

  • Fine-textured with a creamy, off-white color

  • Dissolves easily in liquids and maintains its flavor through cooking and baking

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    Suggested uses

  • A great addition to ice cream, cakes, cookies, fruit desserts and most sweet dishes

  • Excellent for flavoring frostings and icings

  • Great for dusting cookies and cakes

  • Try flavoring coffee and espresso drinks with Vanilla Sugar for a delicious treat

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Sugar, vanilla

    Vanilla Sugar is fine sugar that is flavored with vanilla bean powder, made from all-natural vanilla beans, the soft, resinous, richly flavorful black seed pods of the vanilla orchid (Vanilla planifolia). This climbing orchid has its origins in Mexico and the tropical rainforests of Central America, and was brought to parts of Asia and the Pacific Islands via Spanish trade routes.

    Vanilla became very popular in Europe after Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez brought it back from the Americas. It was initially very expensive due to scarcity, but as the hand pollination technique discovered on the island of Réunion was adopted, vanilla beans grew less scarce and relatively more accessible. In any case, today vanilla remains the second most expensive spice in the world, after saffron.

    Vanilla beans are an indispensable, all-natural flavoring agent, used primarily in baking and pastry applications to impart pure vanilla flavor and aroma to cakes, custards, sauces and more.

    Vanilla beans are green when harvested, and become black due to the lengthy fermentation process. However, they remain soft and flexible, and the seeds inside the pods are covered in a slightly sticky, resinous substance. To extract the seeds, the pods must first be split open and then scraped. Vanilla has been used for various medicinal and aromatherapeutic purposes, from treating intestinal gas and fever to promoting relaxation and increasing sexual desire. In Indian ayurvedic medicine, vanilla is thought to help alleviate toothache. Vanilla is also often used as a flavoring in syrups used for making medications.

    Classic recipe

    Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

    Decadent hot chocolate is a breeze with with this quick and easy mix, incorporating our rich Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder and pleasantly sweet Vanilla Sugar. Simply spoon a couple of tablespoons of this dry mix into a mug filled with hot water, and this deliciously creamy chocolate treat is ready to drink.