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Urfa Biber Chile Flakes

Urfa Biber Chile Flakes conveniently bring the smoky, fruity flavor of this complex Turkish chile to any recipe. While mild at first, the heat profile builds as the notes of tobacco and chocolate dissipate.

  • Purple to black

  • Approximately 1/4" flakes

  • 7500 on Scoville Heat Scale

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    Suggested uses

  • Pair with hearty vegetables, cheeses and braised meats

  • Use in desserts by pairing with chocolate, vanilla beans or gingerbread spices

  • Basic prep

    Ready for use. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in cool, dry place.


    Dried chile peppers, vegetable oil, salt.

    The Urfa Biber Chile gains its complex flavor through an intricate preparation process. The chiles are sun-dried during the day and wrapped tightly at night, sweating the chiles to keep in the moisture. The result provides a longer lasting heat and flavor that has a wide range of uses.

    Cultivated in the Urfa region of Turkey, these chiles are typically crushed into flakes before leaving the Middle East to ensure flavor preservation. They stay slightly oily and moist, allowing for immediate, direct flavor and spice when activated with a little heat. Best used as a finishing pepper, this moist ground chile is perfect for meat or other warm, cooked food.

    Part of the Capsicum annuum family, these kinds of peppers have been part of the human diet in the Americas since at least 7500 BC. While they are now staples in many cuisines, they were not introduced to Europe and Asia until the late 1400's when they were brought to Spain and quickly traded for their culinary variety and as a cheaper alternative to pricey peppercorns.

    Classic recipe

    Turkish Feta-Walnut Dip with Urfa Biber Chile

    The Turkish Urfa Biber chile is known for its deep, complex, raisin-like flavor with hints of coffee. For this reason, it is often served with cheeses, as the fat accentuates the chile’s flavor. In this application, creamy walnut-infused Feta dip is the vehicle for showcasing our flavorful Urfa Biber Chile Flakes.