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Salt Slab 5" X 10" X 1.5"

Offering almost perfect heat distribution and cold retention, salt slabs can be used as a dramatic cooking or serving vessel. We source hand-mined Himalayan Pink Salt Slabs with a dense crystalline mineral composition and beautiful pink marbled color.

  • Gorgeous, unique marbled pink color

  • Adds faint hint of salt when used to cook or serve

  • 10-inch long, 5-inch wide, 1-1/2-inch thick slab

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    Suggested uses

  • Heat and use our Himalayan Pink Salt Slab's near-perfect heat distribution to grill or sear seafood and meat

  • Keep food warm for serving

  • Chill the Himalayan Pink Salt Slab for even retention of cold, and use as a serving platter for salads, fruit, vegetables, appetizers, crudo and sushi

  • Basic prep

    First time use: Place salt slab in unheated oven. Slowly increase heat of oven to 250ºF. Remove slab, let cool for about 30 minutes. Return the salt slab to the oven.

    Heat to recommended cooking temperature of 400ºF to 500ºF. Moisture may boil out of slab in white bumps or bubbles.

    Salt slabs can take direct heat from gas or electric stoves, grills, flat-tops or griddles, offering near-perfect heat distribution.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.



    Himalayan Pink Salt is mined from salt rock deposits, much like ordinary table salt. Used as a cooking or serving element, it adds a faint hint of salt and trace minerals for a more exotic taste.

    Himalayan Pink Salt is harvested at the second largest salt mine in the world, located in the Salt Range hill system of Pakistan. The mine is large enough to feature statues, bridges and a mosque. Other formations of pink salt from the mine are used in cooking, as lamps and mixed into health and beauty products.

    Our Himalayan Pink Salt Slabs can be used to cook food, offering near-perfect heat distribution when heated for grilling or searing. They also retain cold evenly, offering a dramatic presentation for salads, fruit, vegetables, appetizers, crudo and sushi.

    Classic recipe

    Salt Slab Cooked Lemon Shrimp and Asparagus

    Our Himalayan Pink Salt Slabs are dramatic and surprisingly effective cooking surfaces, lending a light saltiness and faint mineral aroma to any foods they're used with. Perfect for cooking meat and seafood, the salt-infusing slabs pair wonderfully with this recipe's summery marinade.