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Portabella Mushroom Powder

Portabella mushrooms are a very large, round, firm mushroom with a flat, open brown cap and blackish gills. The interior flesh is creamy white to light gray. They have a meaty texture and a mild, woodsy flavor that make them a popular vegetarian substitution for meat in numerous dishes.

  • Made from 100% pure, finely ground dried portabella mushrooms

  • Made from the same high-quality dried portabella mushrooms as our other dried portabella products

  • Great as a flavoring agent

  • Smooth, taupe-colored powder easily added to recipes

  • Does not need to be rehydrated prior to use, unlike other dried mushroom products

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    Suggested uses

  • Add to soups, sauces, stuffings and stews to boost savory flavor

  • Use in dry rubs for meats and poultry

  • Add to the dry mix for fresh pasta dough

  • Add to dry soup mixes

  • Combine with garlic powder and salt to make a delicious seasoning mix for popcorn or homemade potato chips

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.


    portabella mushrooms.

    Our Portabella Powder is made from 100% pure finely ground portabella mushrooms, and packed with concentrated, woodsy mushroom flavor. It is great as a flavoring agent for everything from sauces, soups and stews to dry rubs for meat and poultry.

    The portabella mushroom (Agaricus bitorquis) is an extremely large, round, firm, dark brown mushroom. It is, in fact, the fully mature form of the champignon, or common white button mushroom. Portabella mushrooms typically measure between 5 and 8 inches in diameter, with an open, flat cap.

    Champignon mushroom varieties have been cultivated since the early 1700s in Europe, although there is some evidence to suggest they are native to North American woodlands. Because this mushroom is the elder of the species, it has progressed past the "button" stage, when the cap and stem are joined and the gills hidden. In portabella mushrooms, the gills are fully exposed, which means that some of the mushroom's moisture has evaporated. This reduced moisture creates a dense, meaty texture and a more concentrated flavor.

    Portabella mushrooms' woodsy flavor and firm, meaty texture have broad appeal, and lend themselves to many different applications. They are frequently sautéed, grilled (often as a vegetarian alternative to a hamburger) or roasted. They're frequently used to top pizza or tossed in stir-fries. Use portabella mushrooms wherever you would a white button mushroom to enhance the flavor.

    Classic recipe

    Triple-Portabella Burgers

    A great way to enrich a burger is by adding our umami-rich Portabella Mushroom Powder into the patty. In this recipe we take it even further, infusing a garlicky mayonnaise spread with the powder and topping the burgers with sautéed portabellas and shallots. The result is a deep, rich and delicious burger experience.