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Pink Hawaiian Sea Salt

Pink Hawaiian Sea Salt combines pure sea salt with red Hawaiian Alaea clay for a soft, tempered briny flavor. Gorgeous as a finishing salt, it also lends an earthy depth and mellow complexity to dishes.

  • Mild salty flavor with delicate earthiness

  • Beautiful salmon hue

  • Coarse crystalline grains

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    Suggested uses

  • Excellent for roasted or grilled pork, beef or fish, especially Hawaiian recipes such as barbequed pork

  • Use in traditional Hawaiian poke or to garnish other raw fish preparations such as sushi and crudo

  • Complements and contrasts both the colors and flavors of foods such as salmon, grapefruit and pumpkin seeds.

  • Sprinkle over prepared white fish or rolled sushi rice to add color and texture

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Sea salt, alaea (baked Hawaiian red clay).

    Combined with pure sea salt, red Alaea clay has important historical uses in sacred Hawaiian rituals and native dishes. Volcanic in origin, Alaea clay gets its red color from a high concentration of iron oxide. It lends our Pink Hawaiian Sea Salt a mellow, earthy flavor and a beautiful salmon color.

    Pink Hawaiian Sea Salt makes an outstanding exotic rub or finishing salt for grilled and roasted pork, beef and fish dishes. In salads, it offers contrasting color and flavor to sweet fruits and peppery greens.

    Alaea clay has long played an important role in sacred Hawaiian cleansing and purifying rituals. Alaea sea salt was produced through natural evaporation when sea water became trapped in tidal pools and mixed with the volcanic clay. This salt was traditionally used to bless homes, temples, canoes and more. It is also an ingredient in several classic Hawaiian dishes, including Kalua pig, poke and Hawaiian jerky.

    Red Alaea clay has many purported health benefits. The clay is said to contain 80 different naturally occurring elements, including ocean electrolytes and trace minerals. In addition, the salt is popular at spas as an ingredient in body scrubs, as it is said to draw the toxins from the body, while promoting smooth and healthy skin.

    Classic recipe

    Sea Salt Caramels

    Sweet and salty is one of the most classic flavor pairings around. In this recipe, sweet chewy caramel is topped with just a sprinkle of our Coarse Sea Salt for a crisp, salty crunch.