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Organic Fennel Seed

Organic Fennel Seed is a versatile spice prized for its aromatic anise flavor. We select and sort choice organic seeds, then dry them to preserve the woodsy, effervescent flavor.

  • Sharp, licorice or anise flavor

  • Earthy, anise aroma

  • Green to yellow-brown oblong seeds

  • About 1/4 inch in length

  • Certified organic to the specifications of the USDA National Organic Program

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    Suggested uses

  • Use to flavor breads, cakes, cookies and hot drinks such as spiced tea

  • Season butter, cheese spreads and salad dressings

  • Add an Italian flavor to ground meat mixes, sausage, sauces and stuffing

  • Match with foods with woodsy flavors, like game meat, barley and rye

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Organic fennel seed

    The fennel plant is used in cooking for its bulbs, stalks, fronds flowers and seeds. As a seed, fennel is a sharp, aromatic spice with the herbaceous flavor of anise.

    Fennel Seeds are used in a wide variety of world cuisines, most prominently in Italy and the Mediterranean region, where the plant originated.

    We source the highest-quality organic Fennel Seeds from India and dry the seeds to lock in the botanical bite. Bright green to yellow-brown in color, these oblong seeds add sweet, woodsy anise flavor.

    Classic recipe

    Sweet Italian Sausage

    This sweet, fennel-flecked Italian sausage has a subtle, authentic anise flavor, and the recipe is easy to customize — just use more crushed red pepper to amp up the heat. After a lengthy time in the refrigerator, use it to top pizza or brown it up to use as the base for pasta sauce.