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Organic Chili Powder

This Organic Chili Powder blend is the perfect combination of chiles, paprika, salt, spices and garlic for adding a spicy, savory essence to a recipe.

  • Mild to medium heat

  • Reddish orange with green leaves

  • Granulated powder

  • Certified organic to the specifications of the USDA National Organic Program

  • D'allesandro
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    Suggested uses

  • Ideal for chili, taco meat, or enchiladas

  • Add to dry barbecue rub or beans

  • Dust onto baked fish

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in cool, dry place.


    Organic spices, organic paprika, organic garlic.

    Our Organic Chili Powder takes the best of our ground chiles, garlic and spices to make a blend that is ideal for adding to Mexican and Southwestern recipes.

    Chili Powder, not to be confused with chile powder, offers flavor depth and versatility, not just heat. The layering of different kinds of chiles mixed with the savory bite of garlic and the smokiness of paprika makes for a fail-proof seasoning to add to chili, stews, enchiladas or any other recipe that need a touch of spicy, round flavor.