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North American Quinoa

Our North American Quinoa boasts a rustic, nutty flavor and an impressive nutritional profile. Sourced from only North American producers, it is a hearty gluten-free grain with a wide variety of cooking and baking applications.

· 100% North American quinoa

· Tiny golden-brown colored grains with black specs

· Naturally gluten free

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Suggested uses

Great in pilafs in place of rice

Makes an excellent base for cold salads and grain bowls

Pop to create a crunchy topping or addition to baked goods

Delicious in savory vegan or vegetarian patties

Basic prep

Boil 2 cups water. Add 1 cup quinoa, reduce heat to a low simmer, cook for 12 to 15 minutes. The grain will pop and outside grain will separate into a curly tail. Drain excess water and spread out on a sheet pan to cool or use immediately.

Storage & handling

Store in a dry, cool place.



Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) is a grain-like seed which is a member of the Amaranth family of flowering plants (Amaranthaceae). It is native to the Andean region of South America, where it was a staple crop for the Inca, Aymara and other pre-Columbian peoples. Quinoa is considered an ancient grain because it has not been altered for large-scale agriculture.

Our North American Quinoa is sourced from 100% North American producers. It features a golden-brown color and a rustic, nutty flavor. Importantly, it boasts the same superior nutritional profile as quinoa sourced from countries throughout South America.