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Light Brown Sugar

Light Brown Sugar has a mild caramel flavor in addition to the natural sweetening power of crystalline sucrose. Sugarcane molasses is added to fine granulated sugar to produce a light brown sugar ideal for baking.

  • Sweet, mildly caramel flavor

  • Light golden brown

  • Fine crystals

  • Odorless, sweet

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    Suggested uses

  • Use in baked goods and pastries where sugar is called for

  • Add to hot tea or coffee to sweeten, stirring to dissolve

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Sugar, molasses.

    Light Brown Sugar is derived mostly from sugarcane and sugar beets through heat extraction before it is processed with molasses to make the common light brown sugar that is most used today. It adds unique, caramel color and a rich flavor to any recipe. Compared with dark brown sugar, light brown sugar contains less molasses.

    Processed sugar was only accessible to the wealthy before the 18th century. The British dominated the sugar industry and were driven to many tropical countries and the Americas where sugarcane plantations became a major overseas commodity, introducing the trade triangle that intensified slave trade.

    In 1801, the first European beet sugar factory was established, making domestic production popular and accessible to the masses and inevitably making sugar a household staple.

    Today, roughly 70% of sugar is derived from sugar cane in tropical countries and 30% is derived from beets, mainly in Europe and North America.

    Classic recipe

    Balsamic-Butterscotch Berry Parfait

    Light Brown Sugar is the foundation to making butterscotch. The vinegar offers a delicate tangy counterpoint to the sweet butterscotch and luscious whipped cream.