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Ground Ajowan Seed

Ground Ajowan Seed has a zesty, thyme-like taste that can be hot and bitter or mellow when cooked.

  • Thyme-like flavor with peppery finish

  • Fine textured powder

  • Brown color

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    Suggested uses

  • Pair with fish, beans and potatoes

  • Whisk into curry blends and traditional Indian, Arabic, Asian and Ethiopian dishes

  • Blend into starchy foods such as breads, pasta and root vegetables

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add as needed.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Ajowan seeds.

    Ajowan, also known as "ajwain" or "carom," is a seed that is mostly used as a spice for Indian cuisine, especially the vegetarian cuisine found in Gujarat. As a member of the Umbelliferare family, it is related to dill, caraway and cumin.

    It is an annual herb, bearing feathery leaves and red flowers. The flavor of the seeds can be intensely bitter and hot, but crushing and cooking them can release their flavors and help to mellow their essence. Ajowan is particularly suited for legumes, root vegetables and fish.

    Ajowan contains the essential oil thymol, often used in medicines that soothe throat irritations or reduce cough. In India the seeds are used as a remedy for indigestion, as well as to relieve asthma and arthritis.

    Classic recipe

    Onion Pakoras

    Pakoras seasoned with Ajowan Seed is a common Indian street food. Ajowan seed adds a zesty, herbal flavor which pays well with the tamarind dipping sauce and a green chile-spiced herb chutney.