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Granulated Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are commonly eaten as a healthy snack, ingredient and garnish. We took the same premium sunflower seeds we sell whole and milled them to a fine grain with mild, nutty flavor and soft crunch of our Granulated Sunflower Seeds.

  • Mild, wholesome nutty flavor

  • Light to dark beige color

  • Fine granulated meal

  • Naturally gluten free

  • This product will be returning soon!

    Suggested uses

  • Use to make a crust for fried chicken or fish, baked goods, casseroles and vegetable dishes

  • Add to veggie burgers, meatloaf, breads, cookies and muffins

  • Toast and use as a garnish for salads and stir-fry dishes

  • Basic prep

    Raw Sunflower Seeds must be cooked before being eaten. To toast, place a skillet over high heat, add the seeds and stir frequently to avoid burning. When the seeds release a toasted nutty fragrance (typically 3-5 minutes), remove from pan and cool.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Sunflower seeds.

    Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) are members of the daisy family of flowers native to North America. Sunflowers are notably distinct for a number of reasons, including their unusual height (they can grow up to 12-feet tall under the right circumstances), the enormous size of their flowers (which can be more than 2-feet wide), and the number of seeds contained in individual flower heads (a single one of which can contain upwards of 2,000 individual seeds).

    Two main types of sunflowers are grown for their seeds. The first is called oilseed, and as that name implies, the small, black seeds of this sort of sunflower are collected mainly for processing into sunflower oil and meal. The oil is used in food manufacturing and, to a lesser extent, as a cooking oil. The meal (the solid parts of the seeds left once the oil has been collected) are a high protein, high fiber product often used as animal feed.

    The second type of sunflower seed grown commercially are called non-oilseed or confectionary seeds. This is the type of seed we source for our sunflower seed products. These seeds tend to be larger than oilseed varieties, and their hulls have the signature black and white pattern so closely associated with sunflower seeds.

    All Sunflower Seeds are protected by a hard hull or shell that is composed mostly of inedible cellulose. No matter what the intended usage, the hull is removed before the nutrient-rich kernels can be consumed.

    When eaten as a snack, confectionary Sunflower Seeds are frequently roasted and salted while still in the shell. Whole seeds treated in this manner are placed in the mouth, cracked with the teeth, and the shell is spit out with the kernel then being consumed. Sunflower Seeds make a great snack as they are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, protein, vitamin E and several B vitamins including thiamin and folic acid. They're also a good source of fiber and many trace minerals such as copper and magnesium.

    We source these Granulated Sunflower Seeds as hulled seeds in their raw form to ensure premium flavor and nutrition. The are then granulated in-house to a uniformly coarse texture.

    Classic recipe

    Sunflower Seed Cookies

    Sprinkled with sunflower seeds for a touch of crunch, these brown sugar-rich cookies are an appealing treat. Enjoy them with a morning cup of coffee or as a sweet snack.