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Granulated Goat's Horn Chile

Goat’s Horn Chile (aji cacho de cabra) is best known as the main ingredient in merkén (or merquén),an iconic rust-colored spice blend that originated with the cuisine of Chile’s indigenous Mapuche people. Bold and smoky with a medium heat, our Goat’s Horn Chile is conveniently granulated, making it simple to add to chili con carne, salsas and much more.

· Coarsely ground with visible pieces of chile seeds

· Can substitute aji amarillo, aji panca or aji paprika chiles in any recipe

· Delicious in simple salsas with fresh tomato and cilantro or as a seasoning for Chilean chorrillana, nacho fries from Chile.

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Suggested uses

• Use as a rub for grilled or roasted meat, fish, or poultry • Use to season soups, stews and dips • Use to season roasted or stewed potatoes or vegetables

Basic prep

Ready to use. Use as desired.

Storage & handling

Store in a dry, cool place.


Goat chiles.

It may surprise some to learn that Chile, the country, is not related to chili, the dish, or even chile peppers. According to early Spanish chroniclers, the country’s name is derived from an Incan word referring either to a valley or the name of a tribal chief. Other theories about the country’s name point to similar-sounding aboriginal words with a variety of meanings. In either case, in Chile (the country) chile peppers are called ají (pronounced ah-hé).

One of the most popular varieties is is aji cacho de cabra, or goat’s horn chile. Hot, smoky and bold, goat’s horn chiles have always been a popular ingredient in indigenous Mapuche cuisine. The peppers, a variety of Capsicum annuum, are typically sun dried before being smoked over a wood fire. They are then hung to dry prior to grinding. Today they are best known as the main ingredient in merkén, a famous spice blend which also contains coriander and salt. Once viewed as fare for the lower classes, both merkén and goat’s horn chiles are currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity in Chile and abroad.

Granulated goat’s horn chile can be used in a wide array of dishes, from marinades for grilled meat to chili con carne, soups, dips are much more. It is also delicious in simple salsas with fresh tomato and cilantro or as a seasoning for Chilean chorrillana, nacho fries from Chile.

Classic recipe

Pebre with Aji Cacho de Cabra

Welcome to Chilean cuisine. Sweet, smoky Aji Cacho de Cabra or the goat’s horn chile is a trademark of the food in Chile. And pebre is a typical place to find Aji Cacho de Cabra. This salsa is thick, tangy and packed with flavor. We serve our pebre with Chilean Chorrillan, or nacho fries from Chile.