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Ginger Powder

Ginger Powder delivers a unique flavor combination of citrus and peppery notes that is refreshing and sharp, accenting both sweet and savory flavors in any recipe.

  • Light to dark tan

  • Fine-textured powder

  • Pungent aroma and sharp, spicy-sweet flavor

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    Suggested uses

  • Use in gingerbread, cookies, cakes, puddings and other sweet dishes

  • Add to tea and carbonated beverages

  • Stir into Asian vegetable dishes and Indian rice blends, Chinese stir fry, marinades, pickles, Japanese rice dishes, mulled wine and vegetable stews

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Dried ginger.

    Ginger Powder (Zingiber officinale) comes from the dried root, or rhizome, of the ginger plant. The root has tan skin, ivory to golden flesh and a peppery, slightly sweet flavor.

    Ginger is native to modern-day India and China, and takes its name from the Sanskrit word "stringa-vera," which translates to "with a body like a horn," referring to its antler-like, branching shape. It grows in tropical regions, including India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Nigeria, Japan and the Phillippines. The ginger grown in Jamaica is widely regarded as the best in the world.

    Ginger has been an important spice since man's earliest recorded history, often sought for its healing properties. It has been an important part of Chinese medicine for many centuries, used to ease inflammation and speed recovery from the common cold. It is mentioned in the Ayurveda, the Hindu manual of the science of medicine, in the 5th century BC. Today, ginger is still used widely as a digestive aid and to help relieve indigestion, gas, cramping and other stomach ailments. It is also used to treat nausea, motion sickness and morning sickness.

    In Chinese cooking, Ginger plays an important role in balancing foods, serving as the yang (hot ingredient) to the yin (cool) ingredients. Ginger is commonly included in Indian masala spice mixtures for curry, and Japanese pickled Ginger, known as "gari," is a ubiquitous partner for sushi, used as a palate cleanser. Ginger was introduced to Western Europe from Jamaica in the ninth century, becoming so popular that it was often placed on the table along with pepper and salt. Today, an unusual British specialty called "stem ginger" refers to fresh young Ginger roots that are peeled and sliced, then cooked in heavy sugar syrup.

    Ginger's spicy aroma and flavor comes from a combination of volatile oils called zingerone, shogaols and gingerols.

    Classic recipe


    This seasonal classic boasts extra spice from two forms of ginger. Our Ground Ginger, along with cinnamon and allspice, creates a flavor base, while chunks of our Crystallized Ginger add additional sweetness and chewy texture.