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Fine Sea Salt

Fine Sea Salt is harvested from ocean water and expresses a pure salty flavor with a fine grain slightly larger than table salt.

  • Bright white color

  • Pure salty taste

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    Suggested uses

  • Use in any recipe or dish calling for salt

  • Fine Sea Salt is an elegant finishing salt

  • Delicate texture makes it an ideal finishing ingredient for meat, fish, bread and baked goods

  • Briny flavor and fine grains provide a perfect base for handmade flavored salts

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.



    Salt has been a vitally important commodity throughout human civilization. Salt fulfills three major functions in cooking by seasoning and preserving food, in addition to providing essential nutrients.

    Fine Sea Salt tastes and acts like table salt but has a slightly larger grain. Sea salt is obtained through the evaporation of seawater, as opposed to mining. Due to the mineral content of seawater, sea salt contains less sodium and less iodine, but more trace elements than mined salt. It is also usually less dense than table salt, with a coarse, slightly flaky texture.

    Chefs and gourmets value sea salt for its delicate taste and texture. Fine Sea Salt adds a pure, salty flavor to anything from salads to desserts, enhancing and bringing together the flavors of other ingredients.

    Salt is among the oldest known seasonings, appearing throughout the Bible and providing the impetus for Solnitsata, the oldest known town in Europe, which was built around a salt production facility. During the Roman Republic, salt was a precious commodity. Transportation of sea salt from the Adriatic Sea to the city of Rome often dictated the placement and construction of roads. Roman soldiers, it is commonly believed, were sometimes paid in salt.

    Given salt's ability to preserve meat and ward off spoiling, it was of central importance before the invention of refrigeration, and heavy salt taxes were often levied. The salt trade has had a major impact on geopolitical conflicts, with wars waged and outcomes affected by salt's presence and absence.

    Salt is a vital ingredient in health. The body needs salt in order to carry out numerous processes, from nerve activity to muscular growth and maintenance to brain function. Sea salt in particular is also a natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic.

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