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Dried Special Mushroom Blend

We created our Special Mushroom Blend, a combination of wild and cultivated mushrooms, to make sharing the savory, earthy flavors of real wild mushrooms easier and more affordable than ever before.

  • A mild yet savory combination of Shiitake, Chanterelle, Morel, Porcini, Oyster and Bolete Mushrooms

  • Dried and shelf stable in order to provide delicious mushroom flavor year-round

  • Naturally gluten free

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    Suggested uses

  • A rich, elegant, flavorful addition to soups, stuffings, pastas, rice dishes and stir-fries

  • The mushroom varieties in this savory blend are great for flavoring cream sauces

  • Ideal to accompany veal, whitefish, pork or poultry dishes

  • A pizza topped with a rehydrated handful of this mushroom blend is a mushroom-lover’s dream

  • Basic prep

    Contains wild mushrooms which may have small stones trapped within them. Rinse mushrooms under cold running water to remove debris. To rehydrate prior to use, place into a bowl covered with boiling water and let soak for 25-30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Rinse well. Or, rinse and then add directly to any recipe that will cook at least 25 minutes.


    Dried Mushrooms.

    Our Special Mushroom Blend brings together the earthy, savory, yet mild flavors of six different wild and cultivated mushrooms in one convenient, shelf-stable product. This cost-effective combination of dried Shiitake, Chanterelle, Morel, Porcini, Oyster and Bolete Mushrooms offers multi-layered mushroom flavor.

    Classic recipe

    Buckwheat Crepes with Mushrooms and Truffle

    These stuffed buckwheat crepes make a simple yet special dish for brunch, lunch or dinner. Our Special Mushroom Blend contains a delicious combination of shiitake, chanterelle, morel, porcini, oyster and bolete mushrooms, and our Black Summer Truffle Peelings make this dish a standout.