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Dried Diced Apples

Diced Dried Apples are 1/4-inch cubes of apples cut from peeled, cored whole apples. They are dried to a uniformly moist and sweet product.

  • Moist and sweet

  • Cut into cubes approximately 1/4-inch per side

  • Pale yellow

  • Treated with sulfites to preserve freshness

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    Suggested uses

  • Dried Apples are a welcome addition to soups, salads, breads, muffins and granola

  • Mix with autumn dishes such as squash soup and deep green salads with hot and sour dressing

  • Chop up Dried Apples and add to bread or wild rice stuffings, seasoned with sage

  • Dried Apples make the perfect healthy topping on yogurt or cereal, mixed in with trail mix, or as is for a hearty afternoon snack

  • Garnish fruit pies and tarts, add to rice dishes, curry dishes and sauces

  • Toss into spinach salad with nuts and grapes

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. No preparation necessary. To rehydrate, pour boiling water over fruit and let sit, covered, for 5 to 10 minutes. Drain well before using.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a cool, dry place.


    Apples, sulfur dioxide as a preservative. Contains: sulfites. Apples are a natural product and may contain an occasional seed.

    Fresh apples are among the most popularly consumed fruits in the United States. Fresh apples ripen and become available in the fall, although thanks to modern storage techniques and widespread cultivating on many continents they're available fresh, year round.

    Our Diced Dried Apples are processed at the peak of ripeness. They're picked, peeled and cored, then cut into cubes approximately 1/4 inch on each edge. Then they are mechanically dried and lightly treated with sulfites to preserve freshness.

    Apples are a member of the same botanical family as roses and are also related to peaches, plums, pears, almonds and apricots among many other plants grown for decorative or food-related uses.

    There is evidence of the planting of apple trees with the goal of harvesting the fruit going back to the earliest records of the Roman Empire, and indications of purposeful cultivation going back even longer ago than that in the hills and mountains between the Caspian and Black Seas in Asia.

    Classic recipe

    Apple Butter

    Dried apples work great for making butter because a long part of the cooking process is done. But this is still a long, slow recipe and cooking equipment varies. The result is a velvety smooth apple butter that will rival any store bought brand.