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Dried Cantaloupe

Bursting with color and flavor, these long slices of dried Cantaloupe are sweetened and have a chewy texture. We source premium dried Cantaloupe slices with outstanding flavor for a sweet fruity treat.

  • Rich, sweet cantaloupe flavor

  • Velvety texture

  • Bright orange color

  • Slices 3 to 7 inches long with slight curve

  • Contains sulfites to preserve color

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    Suggested uses

  • Add to baked goods, hot cereals, muffins, scones, fruit salads

  • Use with sautéed rice

  • Use as fragrant addition to sangria or trail mix

  • Chop and add to cereal for healthful breakfast or add to muffins and baked goods

  • Enjoy as healthy, wholesome snack

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. No preparation necessary. To rehydrate, pour boiling water over fruit and let sit, covered, for 5 to 10 minutes. Drain well before using.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.


    Cantaloupe, sugar. Contains 2% or less of citric acid, artificial flavor and sulfur dioxide (to preserve color). Contains: sulfites.

    Dried Cantaloupe has a mellow, sweet, fruit taste. The cantaloupe or muskmelon is a member of the large Cucurbitaceae family and grows on the ground surface as a trailing vine.

    The name "cantaloupe" comes from a town in Italy called Cantaloupo, where seeds were brought from Armenia and planted in Papal gardens during the 1400s and 1500s. True cantaloupes are grown in Europe and are not exported.

  • Our American cantaloupes are actually muskmelons with a netted, taupe colored skin when ripe

  • Cantaloupe is the most popular variety of melon in the United States

  • Descendent from tropical plants, cantaloupe needs warm temperatures throughout a relatively long growing period

  • Fat-free, rich in fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K

  • Classic recipe

    Crostini with Prosciutto and Dried Cantaloupe Mostarda

    Prosciutto and cantaloupe is a classic Italian antipasti pairing. Mostarda is a condiment of candied fruit infused with mustard and wine. This take on mostarda uses our delicious dried cantaloupe. This Dried Cantaloupe mostarda is serve on lightly charred bread with salty, fatty prosciutto.