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De-Stemmed De Arbol Chiles

The De Arbol Chile is known for its thin flesh, searing heat and woody stem. Unlike many other chiles, these retain their bright, rich color through the drying process.

  • Approximately 2 to 3 inches (without stem)

  • Ranges from 15,000 to 30,000 on Scoville Heat Scale

  • Naturally gluten free

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    Suggested uses

  • Chop and add to salads, soups and salsas

  • Mix with ground beef and other seasonings for taco filling

  • Sauté in stir-fries and sauces

  • Basic prep

    Rinse and soak in hot water for 10 minutes until rehydrated or add to recipe that will cook for at least 10 minutes.

    Storage & handling

    Store in cool, dry place.


    Dried De Arbol Chiles.

    De Arbol Chiles are known for their long, thin pods and thick woody stems, even contributing to the name of this chile which translates from Spanish to "treelike." This exceptionally hot pepper is used for its flavor, and is also treasured for its bright red color that maintains its hue through the drying process. These peppers are often used for decoration and wreath making to celebrate cultural heritage and vibrancy.

    Part of the Capsicum annuum family, these peppers have been part of the human diet in the Americas since at least 7500 BC. While they are now staples in many cuisines, they were not introduced to Europe and Asia until the late 1400s when they were brought to Spain and quickly traded for their culinary variety and as a cheaper alternative to pricey peppercorns.

    Chile de Arbol is closely related to the cayenne pepper and is popular in western Mexico, where it can be found in much of the regional cuisine. It is also commonly referred to as the "bird beak" or "rat tail" chile.

    These Destemmed De Arbol Chiles are minimally processed between the fields where they are harvested and our warehouse. They are simply dried, whole De Arbol Chiles with the stems removed.

    Classic recipe

    Chile de Arbol Hot Sauce

    De Arbol Chile In Mexico creates the standard hot sauce sold in markets and offered in restaurants. This recipe enhances the flavor and fiery heat of the chile with cumin, allspice, cloves and oregano, and also features toasted sesame and pumpkin seeds for both flavor and body.