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Dark Cocoa Powder, Dutch Processed

Dark Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder is an alkaline-treated cocoa, processed to reduce acidity and provide a full, rich chocolate flavor and deep color.

  • Deep, bittersweet cocoa flavor

  • Dark brown to black color

  • Fine texture powder

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    Suggested uses

  • Use in cakes, cookies, brownies or any other recipe that calls for cocoa

  • Whisk into warmed milk for hot cocoa

  • Add to buttercream frosting for a rich chocolate flavor

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in cool, dry place.


    Cocoa (processed with alkali).

    Dark Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder is treated to neutralize the natural acidity of the cacao beans after they are roasted. Because it is neutral, it will not react with baking soda. Therefore, it must be used in a recipe that calls for baking powder or another acidic ingredient in order to ensure leaving. If used just for flavor and not for baking, this step does not need to be considered.

    Chocolate is derived from the cacao plant and was first cultivated by the Aztecs for the making of a bitter drink. It was not until the Spanish brought the cacao beans back to Europe that the product was combined with sweeteners to suit their tastes.

    The chocolate as we know it was not available until the 1800s when a manufacturer discovered the process of turning the powdered beans into a smooth confection. The rich compound has been a highly lusted after item ever since.

    Classic recipe

    Dutch Cocoa Spiced Brownies

    These spiced brownies are a step above a traditional pan of brownies. Yes, they're moist and packed with Dutch Processed Cocoa, but they have a delicious secret: just enough Ground Cardamom and Ground Ginger to add an unexpected, delightful spiced flavor.