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Crushed Spearmint

This dried Crushed Spearmint is perfect for adding a refreshing burst of mint flavor to a recipe.

  • Dark green

  • Small, irregular flakes

  • Sharp, biting, cooling flavor

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    Suggested uses

  • Use in mint sauce or mint jelly to pair with lamb

  • Use for mint tea or other refreshing beverages

  • Add to oven roasted new potatoes, candied carrots, grains, vegetables and grilled meats

  • Use to garnish vegetable or fruit salads

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. Add to taste.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place.



    Spearmint, or "Mentha spicata," is a species of mint thought to be native to the Mediterranean region. First introduced to Europe by the Ancient Romans, and brought to the New World by the Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower, it has since spread throughout much of the world due to its easy cultivation and adaptability to many climates.

    Spearmint and its cousin peppermint are both used extensively in many world cuisines. While Spearmint tends to have a sharper, more intense flavor and aroma, peppermint is more subtle and sweet. Both species contain the chemical menthol, which affects the nerve endings in the mouth and tongue, resulting in a sense of cooling. Spearmint contains less menthol than peppermint.

    Spearmint's bright, fresh flavor is ideal for adding a cooling, fresh sensation to foods and beverages, striking a contrast with richer ingredients in desserts, such as chocolate or cream. It is a favored accent flavor in Middle Eastern cuisine, often paired with vegetables, as well as grilled meats (especially lamb) and rice or pulse dishes. Mint tea is popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa, especially in Morocco, where it is served liberally sweetened. Spearmint is also used as a flavoring agent for toothpaste, chewing gum and liqueurs such as crème de menthe.

    Spearmint is also recognized for its medicinal properties, which include calming stomach upset and promoting good digestion, as well as an abundance of antioxidant activity. The herb is also widely used in aromatherapy as a calming agent and an antidote to insomnia.

    Classic recipe

    Mint Vinaigrette

    This quick and easy vinaigrette is perfect for cold salads of all kinds, either vegetable, pasta or grain. Blending half of the Crushed Spearmint will give the vinaigrette a light green color, while whisking in the rest delivers a bright burst of flavor.