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Chakalaka Seasoning

Chakalaka is a traditional South African relish made with baked beans, cabbage, tomato, and a characteristic spicy seasoning. With our Chakalaka Spice, we’ve captured the essence of the dish’s savory, rustic flavors with an expertly crafted mix of dried onion, red bell pepper, crushed chiles, and fragrant spices.

· Authentic blend of spices used to season tomato bean relish

· Spicy, savory blend of red bell pepper, onion, crushed chiles, and spices

· Finely-ground reddish-brown seasoning blend

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Suggested uses

· Use to season classic tomato bean relish

· Season vegetables or meats before roasting

Basic prep

Ready to use. Use as desired.

Storage & handling

Store in a dry, cool place.


Spices, Onion, Bell pepper, Garlic, Salt, Turmeric. Contains: Mustard.

Chakalaka is an essential South African condiment that can be served with everything from pap (similar to polenta) to crusty bread, stews, and braaied (barbecued) meat. Said to have originated with Mozambican mineworkers in Johannesburg, chakalaka is typically made with a blend of beans, carrots, onion, peppers, and tomato sauce. Some versions include cabbage or butternut squash, but all are characterized by a signature spicy seasoning made with crushed chiles and fragrant spices.

Classic recipe

South African Chakalaka

Chakalaka is a spicy South African relish that goes with everything but is especially great with barbecue, or braai as it’s known in South Africa. Chakalaka is light, mildly spicy, and super easy to make thanks to our Chakalaka Spice.