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Candy Cap Mushrooms

Among the more exotic of wild mushrooms, Candy Cap Mushrooms' aroma and flavor are strongly evocative of maple syrup. Dried Candy Cap Mushrooms retain their sweetness, making them one of the few mushrooms naturally suited for dessert and baking applications as well as a great addition to savory dishes.

  • They are frequently ground into a powder or, much like vanilla beans, used to infuse a liquid

  • Also referred to as Curry Milk Cap, this mushroom is the only one of its kind used to enhance the flavor of desserts

  • Highly prized by chefs, these mushrooms are gathered in the United States as well as Europe

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    Suggested uses

  • Use as a flavoring like vanilla, or truffles by steeping in warm liquid before use

  • A wonderful sweet component added to savory dishes as well as paired with mildly seasoned proteins like pork, chicken or seafood

  • They really shine as a flavoring in desserts such as cookies, cakes and ice cream

  • Basic prep

    Rinse Dried Candy Cap Mushrooms thoroughly in plenty of cold water. To reconstitute, place in a non-reactive bowl and add boiling water on mushrooms to cover. Let sit at least 20 minutes or until mushrooms are tender.

    Storage & handling

    Store in a dry, cool place for up to 12 months under optimal storage conditions.


    Candy cap mushrooms.

    Candy Cap Mushrooms (Lactarius rubidus) are small to medium-sized, with caps that are typically only an inch or so across. Their color ranges from orange-red to orange-brown. These mushrooms have a mild aroma when fresh, but when dried their flavor intensifies and is similar to maple syrup, caramelized sugar, and malt. Not traditionally consumed as a vegetable, candy cap mushrooms are frequently used as a flavoring agent like vanilla beans, or truffles. Like those ingredients, candy cap mushrooms are usually steeped in milk, cream, or a liquid ingredient already present in a recipe in order to extract the candy cap’s unique flavor.

    Candy Cap Mushrooms, like many edible mushrooms, grow in wooded areas, especially wooded hillsides. They're commercially gathered in California, Northern Europe and the Himalayan Highlands among other locales.

    Classic recipe

    Candy Cap Maple Cornbread

    Unique among wild mushrooms, the candy cap’s maple syrup-reminiscent aroma makes it a unique choice for flavoring desserts and baked goods. With additional maple syrup added, the candy caps’ aroma really shines in this simple, sweet bread.