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Black Truffle Powder

Our Black Truffle Powder has a mellow, earthy truffle aroma and complex flavor that adds depth to any dish. This powdered form of black truffles allows cooks to utilize these highly prized mushrooms at a more affordable price.

  • Finely ground powder with a warm reddish-brown color

  • Drying removes the water content and concentrates flavor

  • Naturally gluten free

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    Suggested uses

  • Knead a few tablespoons into pasta or bread dough

  • Add to broths, soups and cream sauces to increase richness

  • Sprinkle over sautéed mushrooms and duxelles to enhance flavor

  • Add to pâtés and other forcemeats

  • Mix into egg dishes or sprinkle over scrambled eggs

  • Basic prep

    Ready to use. No preparation necessary.


    Black truffle mushrooms.

    Because these black truffles are dried and ground, they last longer than the extremely perishable fresh truffle, and can be enjoyed at a more affordable price. Drying removes the water content and concentrates the flavor. Black truffles belong to the family representing the most highly prized mushrooms in the world. They are valued due to their deep, earthy, pungent aroma and flavor, combined with their scarcity.

    Truffles grow 3 to 12 inches underground in a symbiotic relationship with the roots of chestnut, oak, hazel, and beech trees. They are irregularly shaped and warty-molded by the stones that surround them in the soil-with a rough skin-like surface covered in small crystalline projections. When mature, the surface is dark brown to nearly black, while the inside of the flesh is pale beige with white marbling. They range in size from that of a walnut to that of a fist.

    Truffles were traditionally hunted using female pigs, which mistake the truffles' aroma for the mating hormone of male pigs. Unfortunately, since pigs are rather indiscriminate eaters, this led to the pigs consuming nearly as many truffles as were successfully harvested. Now, truffle hunters typically use trained dogs.

    The aroma and flavor of a truffle is famously difficult to describe, but it is highly umami and bears notes of garlic, wild mushroom and hazelnut. It is best to use Black Truffle Powder with relatively neutral ingredients such as mild cheeses, cream, potatoes, pasta and rice, which will allow the truffle flavor to shine. Fats can capture and enhance the aroma of truffles, so they are favored partners.

    Classic recipe

    Crispy Truffled Smashed Potatoes

    Truffle Powder adds deep, rich flavor with these potatoes that have an addictive crispy-tender texture. Our Truffle Powders flavors from ordinary into elegant and complex.